Friendship Bracelets Trends

Happy Friday my lovelies!!!! The weekend is finally here :) My heart smiles and sings.......I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


I just added The Costa Rica - Pura Vida bracelet to my friendship bracelet Savi collection she is

Here are other bracelets from my Savi collection........


Hello Lovelies, hope youre having a fab thursday, I'm sure you're ready for the weekend!

I'm super exhausted, I've been working non-stop and I am in dire need for some R&R...and a pedi :)

On a much nicer note...I made some free people purchases online the other night they had a 24hr sale that they advertised on FB and what do you know....I was on their page, my fingers couldn't move fast enough (no really! I was on there at 11:30pm) I just got them in the mail and I am sooooo excited - Everything fits!!! this is what I scored!


FP by Savi featuring low cut tops

We The Free low cut top
$88 -

Free People mesh skirt
$100 -

Free people
$90 -

Free People moonstone jewelry
$20 -


Savi is Back

Forgive me fellow bloggers I have been absent for a, crafting and work has had me super busy..... I have missed blogging and I have missed sharing my moments with y'all and reading your lovely comments  :)

Since my last blog post a lot has happened.... in a nutshell.....

  • Savi continues creating lovelies....
  • Savi has a facebook page (swoot swoot) visit our page and "LIKE" us <3
  • Savi is flying with twitter :)
  • I continue to eat as healthy as I can ...ahem...with the occasional doritos...then I see todays yahoo front page with this article and go huh???
  • My obsession with FP continues!
Hubby bought me a watermelon a few days ago, I will be making a waterlemon (that spelling is correct)  summer drink and I will be posting the recipe here!!!