Day 6 feels like I'm climbing a steep hill

I'm tired and sore.... *sigh*.... My butt hurts....sorry I'm wining like a baby....I've been doing my 30 minutes cardio a day "religiously" and eating my delicious but repetative vegetable garden salad, I took a picture of it below (must admit I am having major carb withdrawls) must come clean and confess that I did cheat 2 days in a row by having pizza hmmmm does thin crust have less carbs? (please say yes) I'm scared to see how much carbs they contain :o(

I started my 30 minute cardio on the 6th of Jan and havent skipped a day - Yay It will be fun to see how much weight I lose by Jan 31st!!! - Its bikini weather in the caribbean and that's where I am heading - YEAH!!!!!!

In order to aid my weight loss and rid myself of toxins ( alcohol, meds, etc) I am going to do an intestinal cleanse so I decided to get the one from Dr Schultze here  I've done this one before and I highly recommend it!!

Catch you later I am off to do my 30 minutes of cardio...maybe next week I'll kick it up a notch ...maybe..:o)

I promise to post a DIY project real soon


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