Mailing Christmas Presents

Have you started your christmas shopping yet or are you like me and waiting until the very last minute to hit the mall and buy all your gifts at once ??? Well this year, since I am on a shoestrig budget, (Oooh this hurts me) I've decided not to play santa claus by giving gifts to everyone in my family and friends list...though my guilt kills me at the thought of this I am going to try real hard  ( hehe maybe not so hard) to supress those feelings deep within  for the better of my bank account which has taken a VERY hard hit this year....

I am planning on buying all my gifts early ( I pledge) this year through the stores online that offer FREE shipping and then mail them out early in, they'll be in the mail box by Dec 5th.

Here's a little info to help you sort out your mailings....

First Class Mail  VS  Priority Mail
Packages include boxes, thick envelopes, or tubes. If your package is 13 ounces or less, First-Class Mail offers the best value for your postage dollar. If your package weighs more than 13 ounces, you can use Priority Mail.  (16 ounces make a pound )

Print your postage online and get a disount (use the calculate shipping tool)

New Priority Mail Prices going into effect Jan 4th 2010

!!Hold your horses!!
You may want to put that light item in an envelope rather than a box!



The Weekend is Here!!!

I am SUPER excited that I get to see the new twighlight movie tomorrow - I'm over the moon about New Moon!!! * hehehe sorry for being so corny, I couldn't help myself * I'm staying in tonight with my honey {it's raining} the weekend chilax time will be great...aaahh....

I am thinking of going to my local farmers market tomorrow morning bright and early to pick up some veggies - yummy!...I try, I try, I wane back and forth from being a super healthy eater one month which gives me extra energy and a bounce in my step to stuffing my face with Mickey D's, Pizza, Fondue and anything that is over-indulging...what is wrong with me??? I am lucky to maintain a small figure but my lack of commitment to my treadmill, elliptical, yoga ball, hand weights and zumba cd's {$$ down the drain} have me baffled..... what gives jelly bean????  I need motivation, nothing works *sigh*...must find it after thanksgiving....

Ok gotta run...lets hope it doesn't rain tomorrow....have a happy Friday :)


60's Fashion - Its a Mod Mod World!

As an avid antique collector I always find myself "brushing elbows" with fashions of yesteryears as I visit the local antique shops for my next prized possession, which is why today I am blogging about one of my favorite fashions of eras past.

The Mod fashion started in the 60s and revived in the 70's and then again in the 90's.... some say it's here to stay and I think they're right. The style can best be described as a touch of French class with a dash of Italian cool, combined with American Ivy League style to create this timeless, classy look. The video below can best describe what I have to say

I'm twirling my locks and thinking I may try the "beehive" hairstyle this weekend -Groovy Baby!

You Dont have to go to Carnaby street to dress the part check out Ebay or Etsy for similar fashions!