Healthy Breakfast / Cardio-Mania

Cardio-mania begins today again....I took the recommended 2 day break and I'm back in full swing :) My day began with a delicious breakfast; I started by pouring about 2 table spoons of olive oil in a frying pan and added the following organic items
green pepper
I lightly cooked them and then added an egg and a dash of salt, once it was cooked I added a whole weat sliceof bread and that was my breakfast - I drank water : o) I think a fried egg is 95 calories but I dont know how many calories the other engredients contain, regardless I feel like I'm on the right track...don't you?


Day 6 feels like I'm climbing a steep hill

I'm tired and sore.... *sigh*.... My butt hurts....sorry I'm wining like a baby....I've been doing my 30 minutes cardio a day "religiously" and eating my delicious but repetative vegetable garden salad, I took a picture of it below (must admit I am having major carb withdrawls) must come clean and confess that I did cheat 2 days in a row by having pizza hmmmm does thin crust have less carbs? (please say yes) I'm scared to see how much carbs they contain :o(

I started my 30 minute cardio on the 6th of Jan and havent skipped a day - Yay It will be fun to see how much weight I lose by Jan 31st!!! - Its bikini weather in the caribbean and that's where I am heading - YEAH!!!!!!

In order to aid my weight loss and rid myself of toxins ( alcohol, meds, etc) I am going to do an intestinal cleanse so I decided to get the one from Dr Schultze here  I've done this one before and I highly recommend it!!

Catch you later I am off to do my 30 minutes of cardio...maybe next week I'll kick it up a notch ...maybe..:o)

I promise to post a DIY project real soon



New Year New Me

Every year I make resolutions and every year I end up breaking at least 2 of least! This year I once again dug deep in the resolution waste basket and recycled my "lose weight" resolution and put it on my 2010 list.... aaaah... we'll see.... I attempted at achieving my goal by jumping on my treadmill last night and doing 35 mins of cardio!!! I ran/walked for 35 mins and burnt 200 plus calories  (on the steep incline) -  Go motivation!!!!! I had an asian chicken salad with dried cherries + water for dinner

I have also cut back on eating beef permanently and will only eat it when on vacation, I will however continue to eat organic chicken and increase my vegetable intake.

About 5 mins ago I finished doing another 30 mins of cardio on my treadmill burnt another 200+ calories - feeling like a star!!!....on my way to the spa to get a facial :o))....let's hope I keep up the momentum.


Chat later


Alcohol Induced........

A few weeks ago I wrote the following post and I just found it in my drafts....ooops...hehehehe guess that mishap was alcohol induced!!

I've had a great Friday night , we have friends in town for the weekend - yay!!! They are around town enjoying themselves which gave me some "blogtime" I love entertaining :o) My hubby and I cooked a cuban inspired meal for them last night ; he made beef fillets  which he marinated from the night before and I cooked yellow rice, black beans (cuban style) and friend green plantain (tostones) I also made a yummmmy fruit spanish sangria which I am enjoying as I type hehehe (pardon any typos) see the recipe below!

Savi Sangria
2 bottles of Rosemount Shiraz
1 Apple cut in dices
1 Pear cut in dices
1 pack of Strawberries
1 Orange or Grapeffuit cut in half slices
1 Cup of Orange Juice
2 Cups of Apple Juice

Mix it all together, squeeze some l lime in said concoction...taste it to make sure it"s to your liking...taste again....and...again...and...

** Keep in mind there is no right way to make a sangria, let your taste buds be your guide**