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Hello Lovelies
I hope you are having a super Friday!..... I think the weekend always is:)

I'm super excited to announce that we are having a Summer Giveaway!!!! Enter our Sweepstakes for a chance to win TWO Savi Friendship Bracelets (one for you and one for your bestie)
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Have a fab weekend Dah-lings


Springtime Rose Petals Ice Cubes

Hello Lovelies!
I am just coming out of blog hybernation since my last blog post (I's shameless)

Spring is finally here which means it's time for bright colored nails and gardening!!! I have been doing some serious " yard work" and by yard work I mean mulching, pruning my roses and serving my gardener lemonade( hydration is really important )

The abundance of gorgeous roses got me thinking about this post which I saw a while back on the Ruffled Blog , this is such a wonderful idea I almost feel inclined to have friends over for a soiree!

You can see the complete post on the ruffled blog here

What you’ll need:
   (per ice tray)

- 12 spray roses (the small ones) – Tip: spray roses can be pricey if you’re making many ice cubes. Consider using small silk flowers from the Dollar Tree.

- 12 twist ties
- 2 wooden skewers
- 1 ice tray
- Floral tape

Step 1: To keep the roses submerged in the ice trays, we have to build a framework that will weigh them down. Cut the spray roses, leaving about 2 inches of stem, and use twist ties to attach the stems to the skewers.

Step 2: Place the roses, which are attached to the skewers, upside down in their individual ice compartments of the tray.

Step 3: Tape down the skewers at the ends of the ice tray to keep everything from floating when you add water. Your ice tray should look like the one in the photo.

Step 4: Add water to the ice tray and freeze overnight.

Remember roses are edible, but many growers use pesticides on the roses, so I would avoid putting these ice cubes in drinks unless you are sure there were no chemicals used. Just use the ice to cool drinks. You can also substitute fresh roses to plastic or silk ones.



I am planning on updating my home office/craft room and went to IKEA a week ago; holy goodness the place is huge but customer service sucks big time (oh wait it's self serve)

I spotted the following "must haves" I will let you know how it turns to find the perfect table....


Summer Trend Bangles

Hello Lovelies! Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

I've been working on the lovelies below, vintage bagles with a romantic twist....coming to Savi soon :)


Friendship Bracelets Trends

Happy Friday my lovelies!!!! The weekend is finally here :) My heart smiles and sings.......I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


I just added The Costa Rica - Pura Vida bracelet to my friendship bracelet Savi collection she is

Here are other bracelets from my Savi collection........


Hello Lovelies, hope youre having a fab thursday, I'm sure you're ready for the weekend!

I'm super exhausted, I've been working non-stop and I am in dire need for some R&R...and a pedi :)

On a much nicer note...I made some free people purchases online the other night they had a 24hr sale that they advertised on FB and what do you know....I was on their page, my fingers couldn't move fast enough (no really! I was on there at 11:30pm) I just got them in the mail and I am sooooo excited - Everything fits!!! this is what I scored!


FP by Savi featuring low cut tops

We The Free low cut top
$88 -

Free People mesh skirt
$100 -

Free people
$90 -

Free People moonstone jewelry
$20 -


Savi is Back

Forgive me fellow bloggers I have been absent for a, crafting and work has had me super busy..... I have missed blogging and I have missed sharing my moments with y'all and reading your lovely comments  :)

Since my last blog post a lot has happened.... in a nutshell.....

  • Savi continues creating lovelies....
  • Savi has a facebook page (swoot swoot) visit our page and "LIKE" us <3
  • Savi is flying with twitter :)
  • I continue to eat as healthy as I can ...ahem...with the occasional doritos...then I see todays yahoo front page with this article and go huh???
  • My obsession with FP continues!
Hubby bought me a watermelon a few days ago, I will be making a waterlemon (that spelling is correct)  summer drink and I will be posting the recipe here!!!



Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today I'm dressed in the most colorful and cheery outfit I found in my closet and added pretty red flowers in my hair a- la- sexy latin senorita! I live in Texas and we have a huge mexican population therefore today is the most anticipated  celebration of mexican culture and heritage outside od Mexico!!!!!. The hubby and I leave for Fredricksburg  (for the day) for some much needed R&R ......well....there may be parties and mariachis involved and definately some margaritas....I might even snag a sombrero!!

I created this lovely necklace as an ode to the rich mexican culture. You may see it here


Handmade Spring Flower Blooms

You're probably wondering what has gotten me so distracted that I haven't posted  in a while...well to be honest with you I have been busy with a new project..........

I come from a very crafty family and for years I have created accessories for myself as a way to excersice my creative gene,.... friends have always encouraged me to sell my little creations but I never gave it any thought however last month I stepped up and took the challenge :) I opened an Etsy shop and I'm ecstatic!!!!!

You can view my little shop below....blush......

Buy Handmade


Healthy Breakfast / Cardio-Mania

Cardio-mania begins today again....I took the recommended 2 day break and I'm back in full swing :) My day began with a delicious breakfast; I started by pouring about 2 table spoons of olive oil in a frying pan and added the following organic items
green pepper
I lightly cooked them and then added an egg and a dash of salt, once it was cooked I added a whole weat sliceof bread and that was my breakfast - I drank water : o) I think a fried egg is 95 calories but I dont know how many calories the other engredients contain, regardless I feel like I'm on the right track...don't you?


Day 6 feels like I'm climbing a steep hill

I'm tired and sore.... *sigh*.... My butt hurts....sorry I'm wining like a baby....I've been doing my 30 minutes cardio a day "religiously" and eating my delicious but repetative vegetable garden salad, I took a picture of it below (must admit I am having major carb withdrawls) must come clean and confess that I did cheat 2 days in a row by having pizza hmmmm does thin crust have less carbs? (please say yes) I'm scared to see how much carbs they contain :o(

I started my 30 minute cardio on the 6th of Jan and havent skipped a day - Yay It will be fun to see how much weight I lose by Jan 31st!!! - Its bikini weather in the caribbean and that's where I am heading - YEAH!!!!!!

In order to aid my weight loss and rid myself of toxins ( alcohol, meds, etc) I am going to do an intestinal cleanse so I decided to get the one from Dr Schultze here  I've done this one before and I highly recommend it!!

Catch you later I am off to do my 30 minutes of cardio...maybe next week I'll kick it up a notch ...maybe..:o)

I promise to post a DIY project real soon



New Year New Me

Every year I make resolutions and every year I end up breaking at least 2 of least! This year I once again dug deep in the resolution waste basket and recycled my "lose weight" resolution and put it on my 2010 list.... aaaah... we'll see.... I attempted at achieving my goal by jumping on my treadmill last night and doing 35 mins of cardio!!! I ran/walked for 35 mins and burnt 200 plus calories  (on the steep incline) -  Go motivation!!!!! I had an asian chicken salad with dried cherries + water for dinner

I have also cut back on eating beef permanently and will only eat it when on vacation, I will however continue to eat organic chicken and increase my vegetable intake.

About 5 mins ago I finished doing another 30 mins of cardio on my treadmill burnt another 200+ calories - feeling like a star!!!....on my way to the spa to get a facial :o))....let's hope I keep up the momentum.


Chat later


Alcohol Induced........

A few weeks ago I wrote the following post and I just found it in my drafts....ooops...hehehehe guess that mishap was alcohol induced!!

I've had a great Friday night , we have friends in town for the weekend - yay!!! They are around town enjoying themselves which gave me some "blogtime" I love entertaining :o) My hubby and I cooked a cuban inspired meal for them last night ; he made beef fillets  which he marinated from the night before and I cooked yellow rice, black beans (cuban style) and friend green plantain (tostones) I also made a yummmmy fruit spanish sangria which I am enjoying as I type hehehe (pardon any typos) see the recipe below!

Savi Sangria
2 bottles of Rosemount Shiraz
1 Apple cut in dices
1 Pear cut in dices
1 pack of Strawberries
1 Orange or Grapeffuit cut in half slices
1 Cup of Orange Juice
2 Cups of Apple Juice

Mix it all together, squeeze some l lime in said concoction...taste it to make sure it"s to your liking...taste again....and...again...and...

** Keep in mind there is no right way to make a sangria, let your taste buds be your guide**


Pretties - DIY Garland

I just came across this gorgeous cupcake liner + fabric garland - precious!! get instructions on how to make your own HERE

I will attempt to make this later today and post pictures but ONLY if you promise not to laugh :o) you can make yours too and I will post it here



Salvation Army - Ring a Bell

Christmas time is always such a joyous season, I can honestly say it's the most wonderful time of the year for me, I find people are a lot nicer, more giving, and all around in just a better mood (except the ones in queue at the mall) However this is also the time of year when the weather gets extremely cold and harsh and the homeless are faced with a whole new dilema that some of us will never face and for that we must be thankful.

As I was driving home the other night after watching  The Blind Side (of all movies) I noticed a homeless old man standing with his little vet sign asking for money with no coat on!! I swear it must have been 35 degrees ....poor fella....well I gave him a few dollars and wished I had a coat or something I could give him and it left me feeling sad and depressed as I know there are millions of people around the world in similar or worst state. ...I know that some of these people are slackers but my view is this; regardless of what his/her reason may be for begging , it is still a tough thing to do when it's obvious they are hungry and cold and would rather be sleeping in a warm comfy bed at 12am.

Though I wear my heart on my sleeve and would love to help by going to out to fund drives for the needy and ring bells for the homeless I have a job and family that keeps me extremely busy but since I'm too caring to be deterred I looked online for ways that I can offer my help using my computer instead of just leaving it up to everyone else...this is afterall the spirit of sharing and giving and I am giving back with all my heart...

If you are wanting to ring a christmas bell that will be heard worldwide... this is a good place to start...feel free to visit them online at  The Salvation Army to make a donation or click on my widget below.

Personal fundraising widget for 2009 Red Kettle campaign

I am in the process of packing 2 boxes full of clothing that I will be donating to to Goodwill tomorrow, those in turn will be sold in their stores to help fund job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges.

If you feel like donating, use the goodwill locator to find the closest drop off location in your area, find a box or a bag fill it with gently used clothing you may have around the house and drop off your donation.

* Did you know that besides cleaning out your closet, garage, etc and helping someone in need; your donation can also lead to generous tax deductions. Take the following steps to ensure you get a proper tax deduction for your goodwill donations. You will be surprised at how it might add up! fist see this goodwill valuation guide  then visit their tax deduction page and be sure to get a receipt from goodwill to use for your taxes next year.

Happy Holidays!!


Herb Garden

I've had a pretty great Saturday, went to my favorite coffee house and had a *Huge*  Chai Latte - I'm craving another chai right now because it's so cooooold even through my extra wooly socks :o)... after my yummy chai tea I scooted to the nursery next door and bought some herbs, I bought  Cilantro, Spearmint, and Peppermint and the nursery was nice enough to give me free containers for the garlic I planted a week ago - I will post pics of those next week....I'm super excited that my herb garden is slowly growing.....

I spent the rest of the day doing "oddities" around the house...i.e cooking with said herbs :o)As always, it's been a pleasure...see y'all tomorrow - same place!


Green Lifestyle

While I was visiting my in-laws for the thanksgiving holidays I managed to pick up this lovely rosemary wreath plant that smells divine!! A great addition to my herb garden...I think I may need to repot it soon. I am in need of a herb garden book like this one at Amazon, may need to drop hints to "Santa"
Here are my other plants that wanted to say hello! My garden is my 2010 biggest project wait till you see what I do to it next year!! Below is my tabasco tree and the 2nd pic shows the peppers I picked today :o)

Then comes my showy kale...they love to display their pretty purple hue in the winter months to add color to my otherwise dead garden.

My Thanksgiving & DIY Treat

I had a wonderful thanksgiving and I hope you all did as well, I feasted, feasted and then feasted some more... I also  took down some serious red wine with my mother in-law and my sister in-law, I'm usually high strung (or so I'm told  :-p) so this helped to let my hair down so to speak.... and .....r.e.l.a.x.....


The countryside is so beautiful and peaceful...sometimes I wish I lived there .....sometimes.....then I mentally come back to reality!!

Since I was surrounded by such peace and tranquility I was tempted to catch up on some reading so picked up the book Precious and ended up reading it in one sitting, it was so moving and it's definately not for the faint of heart, (holy language!!!!) that's all I'm saying as I don't want to spoil it for you.  It's a MUST read.

.....  once I finished reading Precious I needed something a little uplifting as it left me feeling sad so, I picked up The Gorgeously Green book my mother in-law had on the kitchen counter and love it! Go GREEN! See their website at

I try to do my part in helping this world I live in by recycling and  incorporating earth friendly practices into my everyday life, recycling, buying organic, buying local etc (makes me warm inside) and some of the DIY projects in there are super cool not to mention very easy on the $$ I bought a used copy on Amazon (recycle when u can!) for $3.50 thats a savings of $13.45 - Score!!!! BTW this would be an awesome Christmas gift and you can buy it new at Amazon for about $4 - **highly recommended**

While I'm on the subject of DIY projects....
I came across this fabulous pumpkin pom pom tutorial and couldn't resist but to post it here for you, get step by step directions on how to make it here and flower pom poms here, the pdf is here and mini pom pom tutorial here