Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today I'm dressed in the most colorful and cheery outfit I found in my closet and added pretty red flowers in my hair a- la- sexy latin senorita! I live in Texas and we have a huge mexican population therefore today is the most anticipated  celebration of mexican culture and heritage outside od Mexico!!!!!. The hubby and I leave for Fredricksburg  (for the day) for some much needed R&R ......well....there may be parties and mariachis involved and definately some margaritas....I might even snag a sombrero!!

I created this lovely necklace as an ode to the rich mexican culture. You may see it here


ldylux said...

had i seen this earlier, i totally would have bought it to wear today!

Heidi said...

The Hair Pin Brooch Yellow Red Black Beaded Hibiscus Flower is so beautiful! I love the bright colors!

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