New Year New Me

Every year I make resolutions and every year I end up breaking at least 2 of least! This year I once again dug deep in the resolution waste basket and recycled my "lose weight" resolution and put it on my 2010 list.... aaaah... we'll see.... I attempted at achieving my goal by jumping on my treadmill last night and doing 35 mins of cardio!!! I ran/walked for 35 mins and burnt 200 plus calories  (on the steep incline) -  Go motivation!!!!! I had an asian chicken salad with dried cherries + water for dinner

I have also cut back on eating beef permanently and will only eat it when on vacation, I will however continue to eat organic chicken and increase my vegetable intake.

About 5 mins ago I finished doing another 30 mins of cardio on my treadmill burnt another 200+ calories - feeling like a star!!!....on my way to the spa to get a facial :o))....let's hope I keep up the momentum.


Chat later

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